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Interactive Debugging of SQRs  

Now you can interactively debug your SQRs directly from SQR Express with SP Debugger for SQR .

Business Computing Solutions LLC has teamed with
SparkPath Technologies, Inc.
to allow you to debug SQRs directly from SQR Express with
SP Debugger for SQR.

It’s as simple as:
1) Install SP Debugger for SQR from SparkPath Technologies , Inc.
2) Restart SQR Express
3) Open the SQR you want to debug and click on the
“Debug SQR using SP Debugger for SQR ” toolbar button

For more information or to purchase see SparkPath Technology, Inc: http://www.sparkpath.com/products.php

SP Debugger for SQR is a 3rd Party interactive Debugger for SQRs that includes:

Just some of the Features Plus
Step through your SQR program, one statement at a time A clean, GUI-based, easy-to-use interface; no commands to enter
Set and clear breakpoints; run to the next breakpoint View and modify variables, including SQR reserved variables
Step over an entire procedure, or step through it Explore arrays; view and modify individual array cells
Watch the debugger "auto-step" through your program Run until a variable value changes or satisfies a specified condition
Pause program execution
at any time
Program structure tree, variable list, and other views
Rerun the program from the beginning An integrated profiler identifies long-running program statements
Force a database COMMIT at any time Comprehensive, indexed and searchable help information

A clean,  easy-to-use interface (Roll over image below with your mouse for more information)

For more information or to purchase see SparkPath Technologies, Inc: http://www.sparkpath.com/products.php