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SQR Editor SQR Express

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SQR Editor SQR Express Version 4.00   

Developing SQRs Has Never Been So Easy!

Whether you are a SQR Expert or just starting, SQR Express will improve your productivity.
SQR Express was created specifically for SQR development and its features were designed to
make creation of SQRs easier, more efficient and more reliable.  (More Information...)  

Price: $149  for a single user license (less for multiple license purchases.  Please see the Price List )

SQR Express Is An Integrated SQR Development Environment With The Following Features:

·        Color Syntax Highlighting
·        Code Snippet tool - allows you to create a library of commonly used pieces of code
·        Interactive Debugging available through SparkPath Technologies' SP Debugger for SQR  [additional purchase required]
·        Automatically View SQRW Output in SQRViewer, a Browser, Acrobat or a Text Viewer
·        SQR/SQC Structure Viewer with Print Capabilities
·        Code Tips for SQR Functions and User Defined Procedures
·        SQR Command/Function Dictionary – With Integrated Function Paste and Help
·        PeopleSoft SQC Function Dictionaries – With Integrated Procedure Paste and Include File Viewer
·        Function Dictionary Editor – Improve Productivity and Code Re-use by Creating Custom SQC Libraries
·        Create Custom SQRW Configurations – Use Multiple Versions of PeopleSoft, SQRW and DBMS
·        Run SQRs With a Single Click
·        Check SQR Syntax With a Single Click
·        Access Database Table and PeopleSoft Record Definitions Through a Graphical  Interface
·        Automatic Creation of Select, Insert, Update Statements from DB Tables and  PS Record Definitions
·        Automatic Code Generation Using Database Table and PeopleSoft Record Definitions
·        New SQRs/SQCs Can Be Created Instantly From Predefined Templates –Templates Included
·        Create new SQR Procedures Using a Predefined Template – Template Included
·        Go To Procedure Definition Command Takes You to a Procedure Definition, Even if it is in an SQC
·        Ability Integrate User Defined Tools into SQR Express
·        Remote Password Management – Now You Don’t Have To Give Out The SYSADM Password
·        Output Windows For SQRW Log Files, SQRW Syntax Checking and Find In Files
·        Built in Grep like utility called Find In Files
·        Page Layout Feature that lets You Print 1, 2, or 4 Logical Pages on a Single Sheet of Paper
·        Fully Integrated FTP That Allows You to Browse, Open and Save Files to a FTP Host
·        Support for Secure FTP - SFTP (SSH) and FTPS (SSL)
·        Built-in File Compare - Making it Easier to Compare Different Version of the Same SQR
·        Favorites - quick access to your favorite SQRs or any other text file
·        Customizable Toolbars
·        Build Merged SQRs by Expanding All #Include files in Place
·        Find All Occurrences of any Text in a SQR and All of Its #Include Files
·        Show All of the SQR Variables You Have Created – In Your SQR and All of Its #Include Files
Plus much more…

Brio SQR and SQRW and SQR Server    For More Information on SQR Express....

Brio SQR and SQRW and SQR Server      Check out PeopleSoft User Monitor for Oracle...

Brio SQR and SQRW and SQR Server    Check out User Monitor for Oracle...

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SQR Express is the ultimate in SQR Editors.  A SQR Editor should be designed with SQRs as its primary focus.  SQR Express will make editing SQRs easy and simple.

SQR Editor is for SQR SQRs SQC SQCs sqr sqc sqrw SQRW SQRServer 

SQR Express is an SQR Editor, but it is also considered an SQR IDE or SQR Integrated Development Environment

SQR Express is designed to lower your total cost of ownership related to SQR development, SQR Maintenance and SQR Support

SQR Express now offers interactive debugging through 3rd party software vendor SparkPath. SP Debugger for SQR can be run with a single click of a button directly from SQR Express. Key words:debugger, debugging, interactive debugger, interactive debugging SQR debugger, SQR debugging, SQR interactive debugger, SQR interactive debugging

Brio was purchased by Hyperion and Hyperion now sells all of the SQR based products: www.hyperion.com

Business Computing Solutions has other tools, including one to Monitor Oracle Connections also know as Oracle Sessions:

User Monitor for Oracle PeopleSoft User Monitor for Oracle, User Monitor for Oracle. By Business Computing Solutions, User Monitoring made simple

User Monitor for Oracle utilizes v$session, v$sqltext, v$sess_io, v$lock, 

Oracle Session Monitoring Oracle User Monitoring Explain Plan Statistics PeopleSoft Users SQL Excel Kill Session v$session v$sqltext v$sess_io

v$sesstat v$statname v$lock v$lock_objects v$all_objects serial# sid alter system kill session address 

all_objects, Oracle, User Monitor, PeopleSoft, client_info, SID, Hit Ratio, Monitor, Session, Session Monitor, V$LOCKED_OBJECT

session address 3-tier 2-tier tuxedo application server query EnableDBMonitoring=1 EnableDBMonitoring

Business Computing Solutions was to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership ( TOC) for your PeopleSoft PeopleTools

Business Computing Solutions has create BCSTools for PeopleTools 6.0 - 8.x

It includes:

Easy-to-use PeopleSoft administration tools PeopleSoft Server based registry and PeopleSoft configuration management Database and application server lockout
PeopleSoft Login dialog box customization PeopleSoft Login scripts Utilize MS Visual Basic scripting; 
PeopleSoft Splash screen customization Command line execution of programs
PeopleSoft Client messaging and messages Remote PeopleSoft session termination PeopleSoft Panel printing